Terran Ships - Review

Today I’ve released a slew of new Player Made (Crafted) ships and I thought I would review the flow of these in case it caused any confusion.

When starting you are given a Marauder. This is the starter ship and cannot be crafted.

After the Marauder comes some variants. These are the first to be Crafted and vary slightly giving players some scope for improvement.

Marauder - Aegis
Marauder - Astral
Marauder - Odyssey

After that the player has to make an informed decision about which way they want to go. Hauling, Mining, Combat or choose a Multi-role ship.

These are Tier 1 Style Ships

Hauling Style Ships

Frontier - Phoenix
Frontier - Wyhaul
Frontier - Boson

Combat Style Ships

Raven - Pinkerton
Raven - Odin
Raven - Scimitar

Mining Style Ships

Deepcore - Mars
Deepcore - Jupiter
Deepcore - Neptune

Multirole Ship


The ships above are the ones that you have all been working towards. But, some of you have now reached the point where your ready to consider moving on. Hence the ranges. These follow on skill wise in each style, but I will leave you to figure out what skills are needed.

These are Tier 2 Style Ships

Hauling Style Ships

Envoy - Explorer
Envoy - Discovery
Envoy - Horizon

Combat Style Ships

Starfighter - Buccaneer
Starfighter - Corsair
Starfighter - Black Star

Mining Style Ships

Grazer - Galileo
Grazer - Nautilus
Grazer - Starbug

Multirole Style Ships

Polestar - Vanguard
Polestar - Crusader
Polestar - Messiah

You’ll note above I’ve referenced these as Tier 1 and Tier 2. This should hep you differentiate over time, when talking about a ship as to if its a T1 or T2 or T3 etc.

Each tier will expect you to max out the skill training on the previous tier. This highlights how important it will become to choose a path in ships!

You can find the Schematics for the T2 ship chassis at Kryzo Industries.

Skills for ship management and crafting these can be found at Rylan Education Systems & Titan Education League.