Transition From Jump Screen to System Screen

On an intermittent basis, when arriving at a system, the navigation screen flashes once and does not go to the system screen but remains at the navigation screen. That screen has to be exited manually. This does not happen after ever jump (perhaps one in three) and there is no pattern. The problem manifested itself within the last 2-3 days.

Can you tell us what browser you are using ?

Same here but I wasn’t sure. Chrome, I think.
Looking at countdown extension, not sure how it can happen.
But I suspect it happens if I let it run in the background (long hauler jumps), maybe the tab gets suspended.
Try adding alwaysExpire:true to countdown options. Hm.

Sorry should have mentioned it - I am using the MS Edge browser. The issue occurs even on short jumps. There is no pattern it seems. I have been playing for a month with the same browser and the issue cropped up only in the last two days.

I played the for a couple of hours today without the issue occurring despite numerous jumps of varying distances.

Microsoft pushed a major Windows 10 upgrade last night so perhaps a fix to the Edge browser addressed the problem.