Trouble Finding Skills

I’ve been looking around for the basic Harvesting skill and Day Trader skill but am not able to locate either. I’ve purchased and leveled many other skills, but I can’t find where to purchase these two.

I’ve looked on this forum and on FanZview for information but can’t find any and I’ve spent so much time and fuel flying around to various certification stores but to no avail.

Is there a simple way to look up where to find specific skills?


Harvesting is in terran, atlas station merlin cert. corp. under industry
Day trader is same under trade.
Good luck.

Well, I could have sworn I checked the Cert. Stores in Europa and Atlas St. I started there first, of course, as it’s the beginning area and these are beginner skills.

But sure enough, there they are. (sigh)

Please send a few more Damaged Ship reports my way…maybe knock some sense into me. XD

There was actually a way (which also apply to some other searches, so I am listing it here):

  • From the ‘burger’ icon, select Droffy’s Fan Site (which you did) and open it in a new tab
  • From the fan site, select PT Skills Certificates; that lists you the 3 possible organisations.
  • Now use the Galaxy Finder (also from the ‘Burger’ menu) to locate the nearest one for the most likely of the 3, then the nest one if it is not there, and so on.

If you did that and checked all 3, sometimes a skill is in a different category from the one you would think it is, so always check related categories, not just the one which seems obvious to you.