Tutorial issue with new mining character

It seems that you modified something, and this tutorial is now broken as it stands:

  • Starting mission ‘Fit that laser and read carefully’ (very first mining mission) - however my new miner does not see ANY asteroid in either of the 3 fields in Terra.

As I remember it, it used to be that the starting miner could see 2 types of asteroids, while seeing the next ones required a scanner fitted, which came soon after that in the tutorial.
I do know that my character will need a scanner, but at this point he should not need one yet, OR the tutorial should be modified to account for the change.

Alright, players now have a built-in class 1 scanner (again) :wink: If your new character is still in the tutorial, could you please test if works as intended?

Just went to check, class 1 ores seen again in fields.

Another tutorial glitch past this - Mission Class 2 - Feltonite from Arlington, right after equiping the class 2 scanner:

Right, the Civilian Mining Scanner - Class 2 is the lowest scanner that
you can fit, but she does the job. This will raise your 'Scanner Rating’
to Class 2.

For this stage of your training I’ll need you to
Fit the scanner to your ship. It’s also worth noting that fitting items
to your ship can ONLY be done when docked.

Once the scanner is
fitted and your happy with your mining laser selection head out to
Asteroid F: ARL 1 and see if you can locate and mine me 150 units of

Come on back when your done.

However, once back in F: ARL 1, the ONLY class 2 asteroid there is a Novastone asteroid; there used to be other class 2 asteroids there, but apparently they have been removed…
Going off to look in other systems, but this is another tutorial issue to fix.

Very valid point.

The rocks are now spawned by an algorithm, there is no guarantee to find specific rock type at a given location and even system. Therefore it’s the tutorial text that will have to be altered accordingly.

Good to know, I had not done any mining for a long time (disgusted with it back then), going all the way to Rockhaven to get better odds, then.
… where I just saw you are yourself atm :wink:

Yes, me and all that Feltonite here… Oops, it’s not what you think! Someone else depleted all the Feltonite roids around Terra, I swear! Probably them: :alien:

An even bigger issue now: further along in this tutorial, there is a mission to obtain class 3 ores right after being given the class 3 scanner.
My newbie miner getting low in fuel and not having reached the skills yet to equip that scanner, I switched to my main char to get it for him.

After going through EVERY asteroid field in the WHOLE of the Colonial Union (lowest law level 6 for asteroids fields there), not a SINGLE asteroid field seem to contain any asteroid of a class higher than 2.

Possible explanations:

  • The class 3 scanner (the same given from that tutorial) no longer sees Class 3 asteroids …
  • ALL class 3 + asteroids in the whole of the Colonial Union have been mined out and none replaced…
  • class 3+ asteroids are now restricted to lower law level then they used to be (most likely explanation, which would have totally ignored the tutorial).

Whichever the explanation is, it was a huge waste of fuel so far to find this out, and from the point of a new player starting out with a miner, it would look like a very broken game, leading most likely to a swift write-off.

Moving on to other areas to search, for myself.

Ok, let’s investigate. What system is your miner with class 3+ scanner currently in?

Location: Asteroid F: WEL 3System: Wellspring, I was about to move to Commonwealth of Planets

Asteroid F: WEL 1 has 3 class3 roids.

Can you see them?

Ok, let’s see: I went there before, could not see any.
While I was posting, i switched char to start a new skill progress on my newbie (last step to equip that scanner).
When I switched back I was in F: WEL 3 and still could not see any there.
Read your answer and went back to look in F: WEL 1, and yes, I can see 3 class 3 asteroids there now - I definitely could not see them before.
The only difference on my end was that I switched char twice and moved back there.

There is definitely a glitch, but I cannot figure what…

WEL 3 doesn’t have any class3 rocks.
Not many of them around ColUnion space currently, but still well over a dozen scattered all around CU.
Though new ones can spawn at any time (and they will, as not many players are mining at the moment).

I think there will be a primer (soon) explaining couple of basics of rocks distribution - but without spoiling the fun :wink:

As I explained, I did go to every asteroid field in Colonial Union before posting this issue.
From my point of view, it looks as if my class 3 scanner acted as a class 2 scanner until I switched character back and forth, if that can be any hint to you as for what actually happened.

I did not remember which field had class 3 asteroids in Colonial Union, all I remembered was that is was in the lowest law levels.
I did start with the Rockhaven fields, then Unity fields soon after; I am curious if there are any visble to me there now…

Was correct ‘Scanner Rating’ (3) displayed in the mining screen at that time?
There was a minor update in-between, maybe it has solved the issue.
Please tell us if it happens again.

That is not true anymore. At least not literally ‘lowest’.
All old rocks were removed, all currently existing rocks were spawned by a (new) algorithm (and are being spawned as we speak here and there). Forget any specific location you knew before the update.

For testing: Rockhaven currently has one, Unity doesn’t.

Sorry did not pay attention to that, I knew that I had Marlin Mining Scanner - Class 3 equipped, and had used it in the past to get class 3 ores, so it never crossed my mind to check this.
I will definitely double-check in the future that the displayed rating matches my scanner, and let you know with a screenshot if it does not.

I have on my list to review all the missions that talk about mining fields or obtaining ores from specific locations for refining. There are also some non mining related missions that have requests for ores that need to be looked at.

But it is on my list :slight_smile:

Currently doing this this morning… Will update when complete.


OK completed reading through all 209 current NPC missions. There were about a dozen that needed slight tweaks and I also caught a few textual snafus along the way as well so a worth while revisit.