Typos in combat/salvage

I’ve spotted a couple of typos over the last week or two.

  1. In combat with too low level a scanner, enemy ships are marked as “severly damaged”. That should be “severely damaged”.

  2. Salvage items: All of the ones I’ve looked have descriptions saying they are “very much sort after.” That should be “very much sought after.”

Thanks for pointing these out, they have been corrected :smiley:

Another: in the first “Introduction to Combat” quest, “Locate and Destroy - Bruwar-Class Scout”

“So you wish to test your metal in combat do you?” It should probably read “So you wish to test your mettle in combat, do you?”

Given that it appears to be a robot talking, I’m less sure then on the others.

I’m going through a bunch of the early quests with a new toon, so I may have more of these over the next week or so.

Typo resolved, thank you.