Unable to equip laser

One of my characters was able to equip a small laser and the other was not. Both have the same level of skill for civilian combat lasers.

Does this affect all equipped items, or just the laser?

Can you also provide the affected character name.

Only the laser is affected. Character name is Avalon.

Following some digging and investigation, this should now be resolved. Can you please test and report back (good or bad)


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No I still can’t equip the laser. Is there a secondary skill that I need? Thanks.

It should be just the same as your other character. What device(s) are you using to play the game? Can you give me the Operating system and browser combination?


iPhone iOS using Chrome

Are you able to test this on a different device, or if not, a different browser (Safari?)

While the game does generally play well on mobile devices, there has been one or two reports of strange happenings, so would be helpful to rule this out.

Same problem in Safari on iOS but only for my first character. It works for Captain Luke but not for Captain Avalon.

Ok, thanks for the update, I will continue to dig into it.

Do you by chance have access to a computer (perhaps a friend or family member) where you can test it?

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Yes, I will be able to test it tomorrow morning.

It made no difference. Tested on Windows with IE.

Not to worry. It’s not holding me up. I won’t be majoring in combat.

Thanks for testing that.

I do still need to get to the bottom of the issue, as I need to ensure it does not happen to other players, so will continue to investigate.

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I trained on some extra combat skills and bought a new laser. I moved it to the PSF and back. Now I can equip it.