View mail & events in jail or hospital

would it be possible to make it so when in the detention center or med center you can still view your mail and events?

Personally i think its fine as it is… your in jail or the med center and in no position to do anything, but thats just me :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to agree with @Droffy here, the med station and DC are supposed to inconvenience you, and think it should stay as it is.

I didn’t play this kind of game much, but:
Personally, I think it is very annoying inconvenience :(. in particular, on first levels, when you are trying to understand game. IMHO, some activities should be allowed, like see events, writing to other players, read New player Guides/FAQ/ISN News.

I agree that some limited activities should be available. Being in jail or the hospital does not mean you are dead. You don’t even know who attacked you until you get out and then you are back in before you can check. The biggest reason I can say for some changes made here is that I just log off when I am attacked. There is no reason to stare at the screen. I think you want players to stay in the game and playing. Once I log off I may or may not be back later or I just could be busy playing another game that I am not locked out of.