Welcome to Forged Space

Long after the wars between man and machine. Long after the destruction of Earth by the Rebellion and the dismantling of the old Core systems ‘Forged Space’ was created.

On the edge of known space civilisation attempted to bring itself back to life. Kicking and screaming for the most part. The rule of Law was almost non existent. Privateers preyed on everything and everyone. Most ships were nothing more than hobbled together spare parts. Humanity was a dim distant memory in most captains minds.

Would anyone wish to be cast out into ‘Forged Space’?

Many don’t survive the first few days. If their fellow Pirates don’t kill them the hard life and complete and total vacuum of space will do the rest. But for some it seems the taste of blood and the price of victory through someone else’s misery is in fact a joy to behold.So if you think you have the nerve and want to carve out your own corner of the universe sign up! But be warned life in Forged Space is not to be taken lightly.