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Transporter Tycoon

Build up your Transport network, and aim to top the leaderboard. Transporter Tycoon does not reset every few weeks, so investing your time here will not go to waste. You gain your income through the purchase of a range of vehicles and ships, then select loads, and move goods (or passengers) around the fictional counties of Coveshire and Lakeshire (and surrounding waterways).

Vehicle Purchases
Once you have your first vehicle, and have hired a driver to drive it, you can then start to transport your cargo or passengers. You will be offered jobs based upon your vehicle/ship size, and the amount of fuel in the tanks.The larger the cargo capacity, and the more fuel you have on board, the further you can travel. As time goes on you can buy motorcycles (that carry less but travel faster) or trucks, that carry more but travel slower. It’s entirely up to you how you manage your fleet.

Fleet Management
Once you have loaded your vehicle, and set it on it’s way, you will be presented with a display like this one for each of your vehicles. This will show you details on the vehicle and the driver, including the cargo and fuel status, the condition of the vehicle, the current destination (where it is heading) how much the job will pay on arrival, and the amount of time left before the vehicle arrives. You will get payment for the job at the time the vehicle arrives. Make sure you keep your vehicles repaired otherwise you may get a breakdown that will seriously hamper your progress.

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