What is Project Terran?

I thought I would pen up a quick initial post for those of you that are new here or perhaps have come across from Core-Exiles. It will help to have an overview and an understanding of where we are with the process of Developing Project Terran.

Project Terran is currently on a Closed Application Alpha Stage. That means we are working daily on the code and are looking for Testers that don’t mind being in an Alpha environment. Things will change and there are likely to be a few Character Wipes.

This closed stage is so we can added the Professions and ensure that they work and are balanced. There is no point in taking part in this Alpha stage if you are not willing to give feedback or at least test as many elements as you can.

Project Terran is a Sci-Fi browser game. It takes place in ONE Galaxy Called Phoenix. There are 119 Systems with 775 Locations.

There are Four Factions. Colonial Union, Commonwealth Of Planets, Foreen Alliance & the Planetary Federation. During initial Alpha you will start in Colonial Union space.

Account Creation & Control
The Account creation system allows for One account per person with up to Six characters on that account. Initially we are allowing Three characters to be created during Alpha Testing. Logging in to your account uses your email address as your ID. This then gives you access to your characters and at any time in game you can switch back to the characters selection screen and swap characters.

Play Style
Project Terran is NOT a power levelling frenzy game. It’s not about who’s the highest level. Its about your characters and their ‘Skills’ which expand their abilities to further their professions in game.

Both Travel & Skill learning is time based (real time) This means you need to plan ahead and work on your overall strategy.

There is no Profession Lock, so whilst you can initially select a ‘Profession’ this only gives you a boost in that initial profession. It does NOT stop you from learning alternative profession skills and mixing and matching.

But as all skills are Time based you will never be the master of all the professions simple due to time limits. Hence why we give you characters Slots.

Project Terran Economy
During Alpha we are making a lot of sweeping changes and additions but the OVERALL GOAL is that Project Terran will be a ‘Player Crafted & Economy Driven’ game.

There are an initial set of Civilian ‘Items’ in game. These are low value and are simply starter profession items. Everything after that will be Player Crafted. There will be no NPC to sell your goods and resources to, this will be player <> player econemy.

The base value of a resource will be set by the community at the time. So the ebb and flow of the economy in game will be controlled and directed by the players and not an artificial NPC value.

Even ships in Project Terran will be 99.9 % Player crafted. You start out with an initial Marauder but past that all ships will be player crafted.

Resources Collection & Refining

Mined Resources - Mined by players using mining Lasers.
14 Rock Asteroid Resources
13 Ice Asteroid Resources

Harvested Planetary Resources - Currently undecided method of Extraction.
15 Gas Resources
7 Liquid Resource
11 Mineral Resources

To unlock the full resource list these 60 base resources can then be further refined in to another 19 more rare and precious resources. This gives the game a locked and final resource list of 79 resources.

Trade Commodities
Each Planet or Star base has a GPD. This is the financial status of the location and equates to their yearly turn over. This in turn is a key modifier and affects their ability to manufacture ‘Trade Commodities’.

There are 649 Unique Trade Commodities in the game spread across the Galaxy. Each location will ‘Sell’ Commodities they have manufactured and Buy Commodities they require.

Over time prices will be affected by the ebb and flow of the commodity trade. Things like production values and prices will be affected by player interaction.

Of the Three professions currently active this is the hardest and we suggest you leave this one till you have at least spotted a few buy / sell routes to get you started.

There are three companies dealing with Haulage in Project Terran. The initial low level one is Dumont. You will need to skill up in Freight License - Dumont, which will give you access to the office and also increase your payment bonus with each level.

Haulage missions are created for each Office and will replenish over time. No amount of refreshing will make any difference. As missions are taken and delivered so new missions will become available.

There are 278 Asteroid Fields in the Phoenix Galaxy. The contents of these Asteroids is based on the Law Level they reside in. Starting Law Level 12 will only have the most common Asteroids
in them with the rarity of Asteroids increasing as you drop law levels.

Eventually we will have events and attacks based on Law Level Travel and activity. So those going into lower law levels will have to contend with NPC pirate attacks to fend off and events.

At this initial Alpha point there is nothing stopping you mining where ever you wish.

Next week we will be implementing Tractor Beams. These will act as a Filter for the Asteroid field and will mean you can only MINE what you can tractor. Asteroids are classified 1 to 10. If you only have a Class 1 Tractor you will only be able to tractor Class 1 Asteroids.

This is NOT active yet and we will inform you when it is in the process of being added, but perhaps a wise idea to skill in that direction early :slight_smile:

In Game Storage
We have taken a rather novel approach to storage (the reason why will become apparent the more you play). There are THREE storage areas on your ship. These can be accessed by clicking the icons in the Header.

Cargo Bay: This starts with a limit of 10 Rows. This means you can store 10 unique types of items at any one time on-board. Increasing this requires skills and Cargo Expanders. Each row can stack up to 250K (our theoretical limit currently).

Ships Store: As you can see this is pictorial and each item is displayed with a small image of itself. Initially you are limited to 20 Items. This will have several methods of expansion but you should get uses to the idea of a SMALL storage area here.

Freight Bay: This is for storing the Mission freights from the three in game Haulage companies. This is initially limited to 50. Increasing this requires skills and Freight Expanders.

Fuel - The Golden Liquid
Finally for now - Fuel. Top right next to your character level you can see you remaining fuel, as with all the hovers on that bar hovering over it will display the fuel remaining and your max fuel limit and and fuel you may have stored in a Fuel depot.

Also it displayed what your Hourly tick for fuel is. Currently all alpha testers will likely have a PA status bringing that total to 40 Per hour. Fuel is added every 15 minutes, so divide that last figure by 4 to get your 15 minute amount.

Fuel WILL BE limited in Project Terran. It will be the one thing you will have to ‘Manage’. It’;s unique for each of your Characters so when you run out on one you can swap to another character and still have that toons allowance.

Lastly: Well that’s probably enough from me as an overview style post. One last thing I will add though. Should you have come to Project Terran from playing Core-Exiles, you will have to leave preconceptions and ‘comparisons’ at the door. This game is not designed to work the same way as Core-Exiles. Treat the game as a separate game and you will do fine.

Also sadly, due to the Ajax and Java scripting used in many places in the game this game is not Visually Impaired / Blind friendly.