Where isthe missing ship?

I bought a LAnce and used it to commute between New Orion and McAlistars 2 daqys ago. Now when trying to use it am told I have no ship. What is happening?

When you go to ‘Your Vessels’ from the Promenade what do you see ? Plus can you confirm that when at the ‘Fly own Vessel’ again from the promenade that’s where its telling you that you don’t have a ship ?


When I go to “Galactic Travel, Fly own Vessel” the screen show destinations, When I try and commit a space crime I am told I have no ship, and there is no “Your Vessels” appearing on the Promenade.

My apologies: I see that “Your vessels” shows a Lance in “Docking Port - Your Active Ship” as well as “Docking Port - Your Available Ship”

Tried a space crime again and the ship was found. First attempt however was unsuccessful yesterday - unsure what happened then, seems to be working now.

OK well let us know if it happens again. I was in the middle of doing some testing when this reply popped in.