Wrong password was saved - reply

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No, this was for registering to the game. There was a dialog about “the password is not strong enough”. It rejected my password and made me put in a new one. But the original password is the one that got saved for logging in.

The game registration is currently very basic, and does not validate the strength of the password.

It checks to ensure that the password has enough characters, making sure it is not too short, but if you fall within these limits it will save whatever you enter… ?

The bug is that it told me I had to change the password but didn’t save the password after.
It was very confusing to log in and not be able to use my password after I had gone through that dialog to change it.

I am confused…? NOWHERE in the game is there any code that will force you to change your password??? Maybe the forums, but not in the game… UNLESS you clicked forgot password and went through the forgot password wizard, but that would have emailed you a link you have to click on… ???

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