200+ NPC Missions to Test (Ongoing)

I have completed the starter NPC’s in Terra now. They are all active and have been given a single pass test by myself.

I’d appreciate feedback and spelling issues reporting if you locate any issues.

Please remember these NPC’s are mostly aimed at the new player who has virtually no skills bar what he / she was given.

The missions are designed to impart information slowly and to prompt you to think a little for yourself.

These NPC’s now cover 55 Missions. The hardest would be the TC NPC Louis Macias, but even he can be walked though if you know what your doing, plus read and pay attention.

These missions will also open up some of your Sub Factions on your factions page. I’m away that the sub factions require descriptions.

Likely my next task.

I have this afternoon added Dumont Offices to a lot of the places that the early freight NPC’s send you too. It didn’t make much sense for players to not get a chance to load up with a return load.

This in turn should make these missions more profitable and easier to understand the haulage method of trying to not fly empty.


This morning I released the NPC lock outs on the new characters found in Servitude. One of these you will be familiar with if you have completed the other preceding missions.

These ones will introduce you to other NPC’s and also provide you with another 22 missions to run. This brings the count to 77 NPC missions.

You will earn a new shield and a handful of personal harvesters from these missions. Plus cover the basics of harvesting and begin to open up new Factions.

As always is spell / grammar reporting please include the mission title and the substituted / foxed text.


Today sees the release of more NPC missions. I have completed the NPC’s in New Darwin. These NPC’s now bring the count to over 100 NPC missions available for you to run.


Had a little more time today and complete the NPC in Nebraska as well. He is an ideal candidate for anyone who is looking for Freight Missions.

He also has some item rewards and will unlock another Faction for you.


OK today sees the Epsilon System completed for NPC’s.

This brings the total for playable missions up to 153. Enough to keep you going for a while and also I’ve been preparing some of the NPC’s for combat roles later.

If an NPC has an updated Bio ‘IE not the default pending’ then they can be accessed. You may need to work on your factions or skills, but mousing over the question mark will tell you.

And no before anyone asks, the mouse over wont be telling you exactly how much faction you need. The mouse overs are simply polite heads up that this NPC wont talk to you yet.

It’s up to you to keep your lists and figuer out who needs what and when :wink:


Been a while but the next bunch of NPC’s have been completed and given a once over and are ready for official release. Some of you have spotted these as I released them earlier yesterday for testing, some will be new to you.

You will find NPC’s in the following systems :


These NPC’s will have you interacting with a bunch of other NPC’s that you may or may not be eligible to work for just yet.

This adds another 59 missions bulking us out to well over 200 now.

As always if you spot an issue (spelling or play issue) please log it with the TITLE of the mission as well as the issue in a separate bug report here on the forums.

In total we have now activated 29 NPC’s. Some you will need to work to get more faction, some simply require you to have specific skills. If the NPC is red simply mouse over the mission question mark and it will advise you what’s needed.

Again before asked : No we won’t display exactly how much faction you require. That’s for the player based to discuss and work out :slight_smile:

I’ll likely be leaving the next batch of NPC missions till we get Combat in place as mixing in combat missions will give the game a new twist and challenge almost everyone :smile: