A Massive Thank you

As you may be aware Combat is now live after months of development and testing. I thought, before we get lost in the questions and answers that are bound to follow, that we take a short moment to acknowledge the MASSIVE effort @DeepOne has put into making this a reality for us.

Both @prevuk and myself have been extremely grateful to DeepOne over the last year for his constant support and understanding.

Getting combat to its current ‘functioning and integrated’ state was a huge task, and one made even tougher by myself and Prev constantly tweaking the requirements list :slight_smile:

So a big thank you from me personally for the work and dedication DeepOne has put into getting us to this point!


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Thank you, Coops, Prev, And DeepOne :slight_smile:

Excellent!! Thanks to everyone involved, this seems like a great step forward, and really rounds out the game. :clap: