A roadblock in hauling?

My hauler now has the capability to haul 125 units. He also can easily jump 200 units. Therefore he can happily take any order from Dryden. As a result he can be picky and only choose those destinations that themselves have a Dryden office, so that he can bounce around without wasting fuel not hauling.

The problem I have is that I see no very little advantage in teching up my hauler from this point.

Q. What do I gain if i increase capacity to 150 units?
A. Nothing. To take advantage I would need to match two deliveries to the same system (restricting) and furthermore, since Dryden starts at 80 units this is not even possible, meaning going back to Janisar…meaning I might need to match three orders (nigh on impossible).

Q What do I gain if I increase capacity to 200 units?
A: Not a lot. I can now accept two Dryden orders (but not all pairs of orders as I can only handle 200 total) if I can find them. However I might have to just accept the destination as is rather than tuning it to a system with a Dryden office. This is therefore much more complicated and involved.

Q What do I gain if I increase capacity to 250 units?
A: Not much more. I am still restricted to two orders in Dryden therefore restricting my destination and adding complexity.

As things stand I don’t really see any advantage to upgrading until I can jump all the way to 250. Even then my simple life is going to get more complicated. Was this intended? Have I missed the point somewhere?

You seem to be accepting only single loads to one destination. Although that is certainly very convenient, it’s not really that difficult to coordinate multiple destinations.

First of all, why are you limiting yourself to only Dryden? The payout of cargo per fuel required is exactly the same for Janisar, (as well as Dumont). There is no advantage to Dryden, except that you can find longer hauls. But the shorter routes pay the exact same amount per distance traveled.

If you had 150 cargo space, you could take 2 deliveries along the same path. I often do a leap-frog sort of pattern, where I pickup and drop cargo at progressively further destinations along the same route. More cargo space allows you to carry more, which is dropped along the way, and I pickup more cargo at each stop to fill the hold again. I may start with a Dryden delivery, and top off the cargo hold with Janisar or even Dumont.

Thanks Tom. Of course, but your method is complex and needs planning. That’s kind of the point I was making.

I never said it can’t be done like you suggest.

Using Dryden means my hold is always full or very nearly full. No fuel wasted.

Hunting around for deliveries that match is time consuming and therefore inconvenient. Unless you enjoy the planning part :smile:

Well, then it’s indeed the soft cap of gain-vs-effort :wink:
Skilling higher can be advantageous, but only if you invest more time/effort too.

Though there are different ‘levels’ of effort too. For instance, if you simply accept contracts to destinations with Janisar office too, then you’ll be able to haul two loads at once every now and then (if you skill capacity further).

Also, I guess if you keep being that busy getting ‘best’ contracts, at some point there will be none available (to convenient destinations), so you’ll have to adapt anyway :wink: