Artifact Schematics & Terran Schematic Tool

Over the last six months you have been looting what I will classify as Artifact Rare loots. These have been turning up in your loots from mining, and combat. Up till now there was no way to actually ‘craft’ these items.

Till now :slight_smile:

Last week I added a new tool for players who had more than a passing interest in PT and wanted to take their play time seriously.

Schematic Review Tool

This displays all the valid schematics in game and their build requirements. It also works out for you the Skills and Sub skills required and even gives you a total training time. It was part of a tool we used to create the schematics and to review them. I have sanitised it and made it available for you to use.

Artifact Schematics Arrive
But now not only can you loot these rare Artifact items you can also earn them in the form of Schematics. We like to reward loyal players, those that spend time and energy working in PT. Levelling their toons and alts and generally having fun.

So you will now start to see emails from the Dev Team informing you that you have been awarded an Artifact Schematic. These are automatically added to your schematics database. Should you already have that schematic its build quantity is increased by one.

The more you play and stay active the more ‘chance’ you have at being awarded a new schematic :slight_smile:

There are just over 2,100 Schematics in the ‘database pool’ for the system to grab one for you. These are ‘roughly’ in a captains level range. In PT its almost impossible for us to add items to your account that are spot on useful lol. You may have to work ‘skill wise’ or ‘energy requirement wise’ etc to get into your new Schematic end item.

Inversely you may already have built / purchased a better item. No matter you have the schematic for life or until you craft it.

Have fun folks!


P.S the new items will now also appear in the in game ‘Crafting Database’ You can also place a Build Request for them, should another captain have that schematic they may offer to build it for you - once a price is agreed :slight_smile:

Just a question:
Can we choose which of our toons will get the schematics?
I have 1 crafter toon, so it would be nice if all Artifact Schematics would drop on that toon.

And another question: does this mean that the faction based schematics stores will no longer be developed?
consquently, will the Humanix Corporation (at Cronus) dissappear?’

All toons are treated separately based on their play involvement. The more they play the more they stand a chance to get these schematics over time. Even those that just ‘Dabble’ will get them just slower.

It’s not linked to the Primary account but to each toon. So no you can’t get to choose.

I will be utilising the Humanix Office for a separate set of schematics to be added at a future date.