Cannot train ship chassis management

I went to train my frontier chassis management skill up but get a message saying that I do not have the prerequisite skills (marauder chassis management 4) Has anyone else had this problem? I bought the marauder chassis management skill and had it trained up before; I just never checked into it after the chassis updates…

One of your characters has the skill (Marauder Chassis Management) at level 1, the other does not have the skill at all.

When the chassis update was done, we raised the required level of MCM for some chassis so that the skill did not become defunct, but no changes have been made to skills since then.

So Truly never had it, so I have to buy it for her and train it up to continue training my frontier chassis? Ok, I think I got it. Sorry, I thought I had bought the skill for her, but if it was not a prerequisite before, then I probably would have bypassed it the first time… Sorry about the confusion.