Cargo certification error

My toon is Hauler specialized, the freight license - Dumont is green in Merlin certification corporation, but when I try to get a misson from Dumont Haulage I get the red message saying:

Cargo Certification Error
In order to carry freight for Dumont Haulage, you are required to have at least level 1 of “Freight License - Dumont”

You have the skill Freight License - Dumont as it would have been given to you on character creation, but you need to train it to level 1 from your skills interface (on the bottom bar)

The intros and training material is still not up to scratch yet, but the basic idea is you are given a skill and will be required to train it as part of the “new player introduction” when it has been put together.

Aha, my bad. Didn’t have the required cash required to try and train it (already undocked and moved somewhere else).