Cargo from a NPC mission I did not take?

I switched to my alt about 15 minutes ago; the first thing I noticed was that the cargo hold was not empty, when it should have been.
When I looked it was a 20 slots cargo without a fee mentioned, therefore a NPC mission; however I did not have any matching mission, nor should I have.
I went to deliver whatever it was, which told me that I had it for about 10 and half hours, but still gave me no clue where that came from; I am pretty adamant that I had no pending delivery mission of any kind when I left my alt earlier on.

I have no more information, but you might find it from logs, if there are any on your end.
The only thing I can think about is that somehow, someone else’s mission (not from my main either) was left to my alt to deliver instead…

Note: when trying to post this, I get a stupid message about a daily limit, and wait 9 hours before posting it… this is absolutely ridiculous to place quotas on bug reports…
… eventually, several hours later

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It should not be possible (as you say) for this to happen as the mission will not allow you to complete unless the delivery is made.

If this should happen again, can you make a quick post and let us know before you make the delivery, as it will help us to identify the source of the cargo.

This is the forum software. It is designed to be “community managed” so as you take part in stuff your trust levels increase fairly quickly.

I will have a look at modifying the settings, as I agree limits on bug reports are not ideal. In the meantime, take a little time to browse the threads, throw out a few likes etc, as simple activity will reward you with higher trust levels.

I was actually reading through the forum already, and replying to a few threads.
As for his issue it was extremely weird, but I had no means to reach you right when that happened.

I think I’ve managed to recreate this bug on my Rubber Duck toon

Completing the Intro to Hauling mission chain for the Phoenix Coordinator appears to have added an extra 20 units of cargo to my freight hold.

Full sequence of events :

  1. I had dropped of a load in Defiance for the Phoenix Coordinator’s mission (2nd last in the Intro to Hauling chain)

  2. Picked up two loads for the return trip (25 units total for delivery to Wildfire in the Servitude system, leaving 25 space in case I had to make another delivery for PC)

  3. Returned to Terra and completed the mission

  4. Started and completed the final mission in the Intro to Hauling Chain (no delivery required, just skills).

  5. Installed the Freight Expander FR1 reward, and noticed my Cargo space was down to 10 instead of 30

  6. There is now an extra cargo in my freight bay
    Harrys Station in Servitude
    20 units of cargo for Harrys Station in Servitude

  7. No price given and no ‘x’ to dump the cargo, so I assume it’s an NPC mission, however I have no active missions in my mission log.

I’ll leave Rubber Duck parked here overnight so you have a chance to have a look at it.

It certainly is an NPC mission cargo, and is the last stage of the Introduction to Hauling mission but I am struggling to replicate it. The last mission in that chain is a delivery to Harrys, then return to the Coordinator for your cargo expander reward.

Do you recall if anything different happened at the time you delivered the cargo?

Did you happen to level at the same time, did you notice any stutters or blips, or anything else ‘unusual’

Appreciate the detailed report.

Other than the fact that I haven’t delivered it yet, nothing strange at all :wink:

After completing the second-last mission, I immediately accepted the final mission. As I hadn’t noticed any text in the mission description mentioning a delivery, and already had the required skills trained, I completed the mission straight away, (without leaving the NPC screen), by selecting the mission again and clicking Complete. It was only after completing the mission that I noticed the new cargo.

Is it possible the code is enabling the Complete button, even if only one of the conditions has been completed instead of both?

I hope to be completing a couple more missions tomorrow, so I’ll keep an eye out to see if I can replicate the situation.

Ahh, I thought you had delivered it, but when completing the mission it had put it back. This helps a lot, I will keep digging and come back with news, or requests for more info :smile:

OK, now looking at it from a different perspective, I think I have found the issue and plugged it. A few tests here have delivered the desired results.

Keep an eye on the missions, and please report back in this thread if issues with this mission still occur.

I have seen no further instances of this happening, so closing the bug.