Character based GSF

Would it be possible technically to have a character based GSF, common for all toons of one character?
I find myself mailing around a lot of resources. Till recently I simply mailed everything to my single crafter. But now every toon needs to craft now and then an artifact schematic.
I’m getting crazy login in to each toon to find out how much stock I have. A single GSF shared by my 4 toons could “solve” my headaches :wink:

For clarity: this suggestion is only for GSF, the PSF should still remain toon based.

(as discussed on Discord already, logging it here in order not to forget about it)

Coops response on Discord:
An interesting question there @Testudo

technically its possible but it would require some fundamental code changes and also a lot of checks (IE players trying to withdraw / use resources at the same time from different toons etc. So all instances where the GSF was accessed would require more checks. Something we never considered when laying down the rail tracks for PT.

Character based GSF and I agree it would be great to have; however would it be easier to have a character interface which allowed for you to see which each toon had? You would be able to check it on any toon you were logged in with; maybe have it update every 5-10 mins; depending on how much extra load it would create. That way at least you would know where to find stuff for mailing, crafting, trading, etc.
The other idea would be to have a character GSF which you put stuff in and designate a specific toon which has removal access. That way you would not have to deal with DB locking/queuing when multiple toons are trying to put stuff into it at the same time. You would not be able to change that access say more than once a month?