Combat outside Combat Screen

Aug 4th 23:32 Gametime (or few minutes before).
Toon: Pikrafter

Something strange happened. When I fly through Spaceline, suddenly my shields started to go down, then armour, then hull. Tried to Change toon (didn’t help, armour still went down), logged out (helped?, ship survived).
It seemed like someone was shooting to me, but I was outside of Combat Screen! So Either logout help, or “combat” ended by inactivity.

I can add that I were not in Combat Screen with this toon today (today evening I’m sure)

After initiating a JDN jump you definitely cannot be attacked. So must’ve been an attack prior to that, but before you were redirected to combat screen, you managed to jump. Alright, investigating…

Btw logging out or switching toons generally can’t save you (yes, intended that way).

EDIT: Issue identified, testing fix

EDIT2: should be fixed

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Sorry for the typo in the above post: logging out, switching toons, closing browser etc. are NOT recommended ways of retreating. The combat will still go on for some time (there is an afk/activity check in place that will drop you out eventually). That is, even if you can’t see it, enemies will keep shooting at you.