Commodities Aquired during Mining Not Listed at Comm Vendors

While mining in Terra I collected 8 different commodity items. I visited each of the four stations and sold 5 of them but 3 of the items were not listed. (I went back and checked twice.) They are:

Secure Biological Systems, Meribor Grain - Grade A & Harper Commercial Goods

Thanks for a great game!

Follow Up…

I travelled to Arlington and the 2 vendors there had those items listed, so either the items should be listed with Terra vendors or, possibly easier, have these three items NOT drop in Terra but rather in Arlington.

Or is it the case that you intend that not ALL commodity items found during mining are actually needed by local vendors?

Hope this helps!

The random TC drops are selected automatically from the list of all TCs that can be sold in current system.
Are you sure you didn’t mine in Arlington earlier?

I’ll check the TCs you’ve listed anyway - just for the case…
EDIT: I don’t see a way for the 3 TCs to drop in Terra. Should it happen (again), please make a screenshot.

You are probably correct. I may have mined briefly in Arlington 2 days ago and had those items left over. I have only mined in Terra the past two days but I will keep a watch on what drops, but I expect this was a false alarm. Sorry about that.

No problem, thanks for taking time to report anyway - and strange things can happen, one can never be sure :wink: