Comparison PT and CE

Is there any comparison between PT and CE?

Which parts of game play are similar?
What are the main differences?

well, main diffeerence is: CE is Huuge and old, while PT is young and small (so far, I suppose), so it is really hard to compare. CE is more “as fast as you click”, here are various timers (during mining, flying from here to there, crafting…). And CE is more level based, here you need skills (real time, again).

Core-Exiles is now Over 10 years old. The same two guys who designed and created CE also designed PT. We took the ideas that we knew worked from CE and create an ‘alternative’ sci-fi browser game.

One where as Piko says the onus is on ‘Real time and Skills’. CE uses Skills which you level as YOU level, PT uses skills which you learn in real time.

There is no reason you can’t play both. Most our PT players are old or current CE players lol.

PT is in an early release state. IE everything works as its was designed too, and all the primary professions we wanted in game are now ‘out and working’. But over the next few years it will get lot of care an attention with 100’s more NPC missions adding and each profession tweaked to get them ‘Just so’.


I have one reason though: time and focus. If I would play both, I can spent only half the time on each and would loose a bit of focus on both.

But back to the topic of comparison.

I can’t find anything about multiple characters on CE, so that would be another difference.

These things that I know from PT seem to be also present in CE description: professions (hauling, mining, fighting, crafting, …)

Although there are some similarities in game play; such as basic movement between star systems, the planet or station layout, and even the Galactic Buyers Market, there are also many fundamental differences.

As was already pointed, the skill systems is quite different. In CE you can move points around between your skills, but are limited to number of points available. In PT, you dedicate time to learn skills, so they are constantly expanding your abilities.

In CE you have one character. The skill that he learns determine what type of abilities he can specialize in. In PT the multiple character option allow you to build a team of characters that can complement each other. This is a significant difference.

Focus in CE seems to be exploration of planets to build your own development, and research into new technology that will allow access to new areas of space. Although there is crafting in CE as well, the focus in PT seems more towards that. This could be partially due to the difference in the age of the games though.

I’m looking forward to seeing how PT develops. I think the faction rankings could be developed to make a difference in which ports are available to you, or perhaps alien threats could force the players to join together to fight them off. As the community develops, there should be more demand for player collected resources, more player made items should become available.