Crafting mission first job

1st crafting mission says go get kesalt refining skill from merlin when its available from the rylan store on europa

Hi there Grumpy,

You didn’t say which NPC or the mission chain name but the first of the refining missions runs like this:

Missions 1 - Can’t talk now, busy!

Jerry, mind that beam, that thing weighs 22 tonnes, you don’t want that on your head. Coming through… make way there!

Harry, put it down there and prepare the primary injectors, I’ll ready the thermal inducers and hook them up to the couplers.

OK, sorry about that it can get real busy round here. What can I do for you?

You are looking for work… hmmm

OK I’m real busy at the moment so grab the ‘Refining’ skill from Merlin Certification Corporation and skill up to level 1 if you haven’t already done that.

Then grab me 550 units of Kelsalt and come on back. We can talk about some work when you’ve done that.

As you can see it asks you to get the base refining skill. Thi is required to get started. After that you have to figuer out where the rest come from.

If I’ve quoted from an incorrect mission line please point out the NPC name and mission Title.

The chain ask you to get the refining skill and bring kelsalt. After this, the NPC will ask for more kelsalt and will give you the cert for Kelsalt refining…iirc

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Correct mission. no problem with the job or the requirement. Just you dont get kesalt refining from Merlin you get it from Rylan now.

Yes, but as pointed out by @SolarXX:

So it does not matter where the skill is sold ? :wink:

ok thought it meant kesalt refining. misread it