CRL: not fulfilled requests are not being deleted

The description of the CRL mentions, that not fulfilled requests will be deleted after 14 days. I’ve been watching the list for quite some time and I am pretty sure: It looks the same as it did two months ago. Is the removal mechanism not active for a reason or have all the requests been regularly reactivated?

Good point. Currently they are not getting deleted automatically - though they should.

You are quite right, the code to clear the requests was not activated. This will be added to the list for action.

This has now been activated.

You will notice that all requests have gone as they were all over 14 days old.

Requests will now be purged as follows:

NON Fulfilled: Expire 14 days after the request date.
Fulfilled: Will expire 7 days after the fulfill date.

I will modify the description on the CRL to reflect this.