Deepcore Ship Stats Not Matching In-Game vs Project Terran FanZview

While shopping for a new ride, I noticed that some of the Deepcore Ship Stats listed on the TSC Store pop-up do not match those on the Project Terran FanZview web site.

Project Terran FanZview Deepcore Stats:
Mining Slots : 3 Cargo : 12 Freight : 50

In-Game Deepcore Stats:
Mining Slots : 2 Cargo : 10 Freight : No Freight Listed !?

I expect the in-game stats are the official numbers, but now I’m wondering: Do Crafted Ships and Purchased Ships have different stats? If they are supposed to be the same, can someone please tell me which ones are the true stats?


The site is run by Droffy, he would have added those to his site BEFORE we did the ship update a while back. Drop him a line and get him to update his site. Although I believe hes been snowed with a lot of work since Christmas.

The stats you see in game are the correct stats.


Okay, as expected. Thanks!