Delay in being able to Collect Crafted Item

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I recently began an NPC Mission in Location: Jabboria, System: Rockhaven

Mission Title: Time to start your training?

Rewards: Credits: 1000 | XP: 250
Divine Blessed Unity Faction
Skill: Melar Basic Mathematics

It was a one minute craft and it did say complete after 1 minute, but I was unable to collect. I closed and reopened windows and refreshed the web page but after 3 minutes I was still unable to collect the item.

About the 5th minute I finally received the email notification that the job was complete and was then able to collect the item.

Is the Collection of an Item tied to its email notification?

I have crafted a dozen items so far and the email has always arrived within a few seconds of the crafting timer countdown reaching 0, but this was the first time there was a delay in receiving the email notification and thus a delay in being able to collect.

Maybe the server was just having a bad day, but I thought I would note this delay occurance in case others have seen this issue.


Thanks for the detailed report, investigating :smile:

Hey Prevuk,

Remember I said there seemed to be about a 5 minute delay above? Well it happened a second time, then I noticed what the culprit was.

The game clock is currently 5 hours ahead of my time, Central Standard Time, US.

However, I noticed that the game clock seemed only 4 hours and 56 minutes ahead.

It turns out my PC clock is 4 minutes fast!? (Never knew any PC to do that before.)

Anyway, the problem is user end, not your server or program. Check this one off the list!

Was getting set to report that I could find no issues, so thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!