Email / IGM - Primer

I have spent the last couple of days tinkering and playing with the email system in PT, as the system we had in place was bloated, and painful both to use, and to work with. This new system will still allow you to send messages and credits to other players the same as the old system, but we now have a new addition - Send Items and Resources!

When you first open the mailbox, you will be presented with a screen like this:

Your view may vary of course, depending on what mail you have. When you click a message on the left, you will see the content of the message on the right:

There is a box in the top right, which will display an item or resource if there is one attached.

If you look in your Cargo Bay, and view an item, there is a new option to email an item. Type the amount you want to send, then click Email to Player

Looking in your Ship Store, the process is very similar, though this time there is no option to enter an amount, you simply send the item you are looking at:

Once you have clicked this button in either the Cargo Bay or Ship Store, you will be given the opportunity to select a captain, enter a subject and message, and even add some credits to the message if you so desire:

Fill out this information, and send. The item(s) attached to the mail will be removed from your ship immediately. If you attach credits to an email, this will be delivered instantly, however if there is an item or resource attached, this will take 1 hour to arrive so please no bug reports that a mail never got to the recipient :wink:

As the recipient of an email with credits or items attached, your mailbox will display it as such:

There is a marker at the left side of the title to indicate that this is an unread message. To the right of the time you may see either, or both of the icons depending what, if anything is attached. The dollar sign indicates at a glance that there is credits, and the cargo/boxes icon indicates an item or resources attached.

When you click the message, the new mail indicator will disappear, and you will be presented with a display like this:

As you will no doubt see, you have a button to collect the item (make sure you have space in your ship!!), one to collect the credits, and one to reply.

Please note, you can only attach items to a mail directly from your Cargo Bay, or Ship Store. You CANNOT attach an item to a reply!!

If credits or an item is attached to a message, you will not be able to delete it. Once you have collected all attachments, then a delete button will be visible.

IMPORTANT!! The auto prune rules are currently set at 14 days (the ticker will be activated today) and ANY mail older than 14 days will be deleted, regardless of any attachments, so MAKE SURE you collect attachments from your mail as soon as possible, as no claims for losses will be entertained.

New addition to the email system today, COD or Cash on Delivery

When you are sending resources or items through the mail, you now have the option to add a COD value, which the recipient will need to pay in order to collect the attachment:

This will enable you to trade items more easily through the mail system, knowing that payment will be made.

At the time of collection, the COD value will be deducted from the recipient, and attached to an email and sent back to you…