Error in money back field when buying new accomadation

I just upgraded from a private bunk, $25,000, to a private cabin, $150,000. After pressing on the payment button I got the following message.

You have sold your Accomodation for 75% of what it was worth ($131250). That amount will go towards the purchase of the new Accomodation.

This would be a nice contribution but is definitely not 75% of $25,000, obviously I received the correct amount otherwise like any good pirate I wouldn’t be mentioning this.

Oooh… just to clarify, you received 75% of the 25,000 but the message suggested you got 75% of the 150k?

I noted this, and the amount of money listed is actually the price of the new accommodation minus 75% of the previous one, or the amount you really spent.

Yes I actually received the 75% of the 25,000 so all the mechanics are right. But as pablem said the message shows the discounted price I paid not as it claims what the discount actually is.

Excellent, thanks for the clarification. I will look into it.

The message showing the refund of the old accommodation was generated incorrectly, as pointed out.

It should now show the correct sale/refund price of the old accommodation.

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