Game Update - August

Hi there fellow Terrans.

It’s been a while since I penned a post in here but we (Prev & I) have been really busy behind the scenes working on some new changes and mods to Project Terran.

Lootable Items
The first one, which is a major change to the mechanics of the game is the addition of ‘Loot’ Items. By ‘Items’ I’m referring to things like shields, weapons, mining drills, reactors and the like.

These items will appear in both Combat and Mining loots. In mining, you will get the usual blue box appear and in combat, the loots will appear in the top text reporting box.

We have been really busy working on creating a whole swathe of new items that can be looted. These items run from really low-level items right up to items you will need new skills (yup even more skills) to squeeze into.

Recycle Items
All the new items can be recycled. So even if you pick up items that may not be any good for you or your alts or emporium, you can always recycle it for resources.

Recycle Efficiency
On the Subject of recycling. We prodded the god of ‘being nice’ and decided that we had perhaps been a little overly stingy in the efficiency returns of recycling. So as a very early Christmas present, we DOUBLED all current efficiencies based on skills learnt.

New Player Rewards
We also decided to give new players a small helping hand. From today new players will receive a reward from level 1 through to level 5. Fuel will be added to your fuel depot and at level 5 you’re also awarded a small stipend of Terran Store Credits (TSC). You will receive an in-game PM informing you the additional boost from level 1. This only affects new toons as of today and is limited up to level Five, but we feel this will help somewhat with the fuel requirements and give a new player a foot in the TSC door.

More Skills
As mentioned above, I have this time around added a few more skills. If your less than 12 months into Project Terran I wouldn’t worry :slight_smile: These skills are top end and allow for much higher level content items.

I was also ‘kind’ enough to ensure I used some that we had not currently found a use for. Yes, we still have some and are working on that :slight_smile:

More Crafting
With the addition of items in loot, it should over time take the strain off crafters to always be working on ‘the next’ item in the list. It will offer diversity and choice where there is currently a fairly ‘linear’ item progression.

But having said that we are currently working on more items that are of course craftable and the schematics obtainable through faction based vendor offices. These would be mid to high level and be based on faction ranking to purchase the schematics which would be 1 build.

Here’s hoping your loot experience go well out there in the black Void we call Home :slight_smile: