GBM Deposit Notification

Last couple of days my mailbox gets flooded by GBM notification like this:


–playername-- has made a deposit to your GBM Contract.

They have deposited 1 units of Kelsalt, which has been deposited directly into your GSF.

amounts vary between 1 and 30…

I wrote the player a mail, anything else that I could do to block these messages?

“Did you know that I get a GBM Deposit Notification for every deposit that you make? I do appreciate that you deposit , but I would appreciate even more if you would store those resources in you GSF and deposit less frequent!!!”

Yep. I try and do that so I am only submitting once. Then again, the player could be intentionally trying to annoy you. :grinning:

I talked to the player, he only started few days ago and was not aware of the notification mails.
He didn’t deposit anything since then. I hope, that I didn’t scare him away.

Now that I know this annoys you, I see that you still want 22,836 more. I tempted to send them to you… one at a time.

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