Hauling Mission: Freight Captain Required

It’s my first week on PT and I was doing the mission chain ‘Freight Captain Required: Apply within’ for NPC Rimwaa at Geda in Nebraska.
These look like beginners missions, like clearly his intro suggests: ‘He may also be able to help you source certain items to help you on your quest to becoming a better hauler.’

But now I’m blocked on this mission:
"Welcome captain,

After out last conversation I did some digging in the back store room and uncovered a H.T.A Power Shield R1. It’s not a bad model as it goes and is easy to skill in to.

If you complete this next task to deliver 45 freight units to Charity Medical Station in Gronheim, I’ll see to it the loading crew move it to your ships stores on your return.

See you later captain."

This mission can NOT be executed with the Marauder Chassis! It can only carry 30 freight and has no expander slot available.

Either this is a leftover from earlier days when marauder had expansion systems. -> then the mission freight should be lowered

OR it is on purpose, but then it would be nice if the mission chain would guide us a bit in the direction of chassis management skill training.

It doesn’t seem to be a bug.

Meanwhile I bought myself a ‘frontier - boson’ with freight expanders, so I could continue this mission and clearly freights are becoming larger on each mission with this NPC. So this seems to be on purpose.
Only the story could maybe more clearly indicate this.