How To Delete Crates from Cancelled Mining Mission

Hi Everyone,

One of my mining characters accepted a crate recovery mission, collected 5 of 10 crates but stopped mining and did not wish to continue mining that location as there was only low level ores left and I didn’t want to waste fuel mining low level ore I didn’t need.

Unfortunately, after I Cancelled the Mission the 5 Crates remained in my Ship Store.

I don’t see a way to delete these Crates. Is this a bug? Shouldn’t these crates be automatically removed if I cancel the mission?

Thanks for any help.


Hi @OpusGamer, yes they should be deleted. Strange that they were not.

I will investigate.

OK, Issue found and fixed.

You can retain the crates if you wish toward your next mission, or if you prefer let me have the character name and I will remove them from your store for you.

Hi Prevuk,

Thanks. FYI: My main is Timil Deepson, but my other miner is Atoyot, he’s the one with the “leftover crates.” Atoyot is also my fighter, so he has all his weapons, etc. in his ship store. So those 5 crates take up almost all the rest of the space.

Thanks for looking into it.

Hi again,

I took your simple solution and just accepted a new mission and that worked fine. (I should have thought of that.)

Thanks again!