Hydra mission entry

First of all: awesome, miners now have missions too - nice idea!

Now I’ve accepted one, jumped to a system and forgot which of the 4 asteroid fields is the right one :smile:
There should probably be a kind of mission entry for Hydra contacts.
Probably hard to implement as normal missions…
(Hauler contracts are kind of displayed inside the freight bay - cargo description/destination)

By the way, do crates actually drop only if one has a corresponding contract? If yes, a cargo slot could be reserved for crates (Crate XYZ - with amount “0”). If they drop generally, hm…

EDIT: ah, ok, crates are stored in the Ship Store. Hm. No info on crates as well (but can’t be the same crate/item - should be mission-specific)

You mean like this ?

Crates go into the Ship Store, and no they do not stack.


This was only released today, and as yet, no primer has been posted as I am still writing it, but keep getting sidetracked for various reasons… this will be posted soon.

Ah, here (!) it is, great :smile:
Was looking for it on the left via puzzle icon (NPC Missions).

We need a Hydra office down near Drury. The closest one seems to be Eleksar. Perhaps one in Vosha would make sense?

There is a Hydra in Vosha now, as requested :smile: