Insufficient fuel

Trying to jump Arlington -> Epsilon (costs 7 fuel) with exactly 7 fuel in my tank :smile:
Result: “Insufficient fuel” error:

Not enough left to dock after the jump ?

You mean, at the jump gate I’m arriving at? Nah, afaik in a system fuel is used not for docking (that costs money), but for mini-jumps between objects. Therefore I should be able to jump and would have to wait at the gate for fuel regen.

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Simply selecting a travel target in-system uses 1 fuel.
If you arrived in any system with 0 fuel, you could not dock right away.

It’s not selecting, it’s actually moving/jumping to that target. Once I had 0 fuel, wanted to move to a different station and got a message ~“Insufficient fuel for this JUMP”.
But that’s not the point. When I get to a system through a gate, I’m already at that gate and don’t have to spend any additional fuel to, well, stay there.

EDIT: As you can see in the screenshot, I’m not trying to dock, I’m trying to jump

I understood, but I am simply suggesting why it may not allow a jump resulting in 0 fuel upon arrival.
It could be a bug, yes, but it could also have been intended that way; we will see what Coops or Prev will say about this.

This has been resolved.

It was checking > rather than >=


yep, nothing like coming out of jump to find someone stalled right in front of you. Explains all of those Evasive Manoeuvring events.


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