Item Recycling - Primer

Today sees the release of the recycling facility. Any item that can be crafted can also be recycled back into the base resources.

There are 2 skills for this process:

  • Recycling - Required to recycle, and increases the number of concurrent sessions you can have.
  • Recycling Efficiency - Increases the output of the process by a percentage with each level.

Recycling is required, Efficiency is optional.

We have placed the first Goldarn Recycling Depot on Lexington Station in Terra, but will spread them out across the 4 main hubs shortly.

When you enter Goldarn, you wil be presented with the following (familiar) interface:

This facility draws directly from your Ship Store, so any item that you want to recycle should be moved into your ship if not already there.

As you can see, some items in the left pane are red. This means that no schematic for the item exists, so it cannot be recycled. You basically have 2 options in this instance:

  • Sell it - Sell it through an emporium, or broker a deal through the forums, chat etc.
  • Delete it - Hit the big red button in the ship store!

Click on an item to recycle, and you will be presented with the following:

You can mouse over each of the resources and it will show you the return you will get. This return can be increased with the Recycling efficiency skill mentioned earlier.

Provided you have the skills, and are happy with the yield you are shown, click the Recycle Item button to start the process.

All sessions are time based, so when you have sessions active or complete, you will see the following:

There you have it. Nice and simple.

Any issues, please shout out.

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All four Hubs now have their own Goldarn Recycling Depot.

We have made some changes today to the recycling process brought about by the recent addition of bound to character.

Now that items cannot be transferred between characters once bound, it makes it impossible to make one of your characters the “Recycler” so we have made it much easier to recycle.

Firstly, all new characters will be given the skill for free on creation.
We have removed the pre-requisite Industry skill so you can start to learn Recycling right away.
We have added a yield bonus to the recycle skill so it now makes it worth training up to max.
We have also added a yield bonus to the Marauder Chassis Management skill, to give you a reason to climb that skill tree (when you have no other pressing skill training to do!)

If you have been doing recycling already, you may notice a slight difference in your yield displayed, depending on your skill distribution, but this change makes it possible to get a higher yield at max skill.