Item resale values

It’s not really a bug but I noticed some of the items in game have a higher resale value than the actual store price. I see no way to resell an item yet but if that function is added, it might be worth going through the resale values again because someone could make a lot of free credits buying and reselling the item back to the game. If such a function were to be put in.

Resale values are no longer valid, though I see they do still appear in places.

There will be no NPC store or facility to sell items in the game, only player to player via Emporiums or one to one trade.

The resale values will be removed.

Wouldn’t that over time create a large amount of items that go unused thus decreasing the value of the items? I used to play a different version of forged space and there became so many weapons that even the highest cost weapons were sold for virtually nothing because there was no demand for them. It would take longer in this game but I could see a similar problem happening if there was so alternative way to get rid of them.

Yes and no…

If you cannot sell your item by trade, it will take up valuable space either in your ship or PSF. You can clear that space by recycling the item (if a schematic exists) or you can delete it.

There is not endless space in this game, so you the player has to decide is it really worth keeping that item which takes a valuable space in my storage, or do I recycle/delete it…

Civillian items are starter items. The only option with these is to delete them if you cannot sell or give them away!

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I would take the time her to re state as @prevuk has stated you have limited space on your ship and in personal storage. Sure over time that will grow with game mechanics and store purchases etc, But initially that 20 space in your ships hold is going to get filled up REAL quick :smile:

Civilian items are just training early items. They have had their costs kept reasonably low and teach you how to skill in to things and the need for skilling up.

Once that’s done ‘delete them’ they are worthless and you wont have space for them come week 2.