Items Purchased with TSC

Prev and I have conferred over this subject on several occasions and we felt it time to put that view into a concrete post. Up till now it’s not really been an issue, but as the question has been asked we felt a need to make this official post.

Project Terran has an in-game store (TSC Store) that allows players to purchase item upgrades and in-game items like Cargo Expanders, Weapons etc and even ships. These items are purchased using ‘Terran Store Credits’. These are obtained by visiting our external store PT Terran Store.

Items purchased using Terran Store Credits are a form of Support. Project Terran is still very much in an early stage of development and as such every bit of support is ploughed directly back into development.

Items purchased in this method enable a player in the case of ‘items’ to bypass waiting to earn the credits to purchase the item in the game. Or bypass having to collect all the resources and skills to build the end item.

Project Terran has in-game elements of risk and reward, but these also come with penalties. Losing a ship and everything fitted to it is something ALL PT players have to take into account. Sadly we can’t be held responsible each time a player loses a ship due to putting reward above risk.

Items purchased through the TSC in-game store method are bound by normal game rules. If they were not we would be issuing players with items for life. Something that goes directly against the player driven economy model we are striving to build.

In game Account Upgrades ARE permanent and any upgrade purchased from the ‘Account Upgrades’ section will remain on the account for the life of the account.

Therefore : Items purchased through the TSC method will not be refunded should a player lose them through ship loss.

Account bound upgrades are permanent.