Jack Kiger - Mission Chain Broken

I got this error with my second character (Ministo)

It showed while I was delivering the item that I got from Arthur Ives (Terra)
“Whilst we wait can I ask you to run these Fuel Purifiers over to Jack Kiger on Wildfire Colony in Servitude.”

Your character does not appear to be on that mission chain currently.

Despite the message, did the mission chain continue and complete ?

I’ve checked my notes. I didn’t do this mission yet and it still shows the error.
(character Ministo)

Chain 10 (“Did Clarence send you?”) currently doesn’t contain any actual steps - hence the message.

Thanks for reporting.

The Ahh My Botanarium chain is also broken like this.
NPC is Sharon Gunderson on Helena Arcadius.
I’m not working this chain, this is the text just from clicking on the NPC.

I have removed the ‘bogus’ empty mission chain. Due to a slight change in how these are handed in we no longer have need of a few superfluous steps.

If you spot any more with the same message let me know. I’m currently running through all 209 missions one by one today in prep for adding Combat NPC’s.