Jump length question

so, I have looked around, and maybe I’ve missed it, but is there anyway to jump longer than the 90 you get from maxing the initial civilian jump drive systems skill?

I just noticed I don’t have it maxed so I guess there is my next big training chunk so I can get my jumps to 90. Hurray!!?

But, is there an option for longer jumps yet? I have started taking Dryden contracts and have had to take a couple jumps to get there because I can’t go it in one and was curious.



There is a skill called “Advanced Jump Drive Systems” at Titan Education League under Navigation, with which you can jump way further than now. But it’s also pretty expensive.

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Yowza! 1.35m certainly IS expensive. I must have missed that but I guess I will have to be content with 90 max for now and work towards buying that. One great thing about it is you get 65 distance per lvl on that skill.

Thanks for the reply!

about 450k away from having the credits to buy this skill. I debated between upgrading my energy and expanders first, but having to only take less than 90 length hauls to keep it to 1 jump was getting on my nerves. So, I will work on expander upgrades next. I have the skill for up to a Mass expander Heimdall so far, just no energy. But my reactor skill is up to microcell s2 which will allow me to at least equip 1 really big expander. Well, if I can find one to buy as well as the 2 upgraded reactors! :smile:

Anyway, here is looking forward to getting that Advanced Jump drive system skill!

Just in case somebody in the future is curious about this topic, I finally bought the advanced jump drive systems skill and it is sweet! One skill level gets you a nice round number of 65 length added so after you train it to lvl 1 you have 155 navigation points(AU’s? superkilometers? light years?).

Now, after you save up all that loot and buy the skill you may think you will be sitting pretty, but it took 2 days and 2 hours I believe to train it to lvl 1. Of course, now that I have it trained, it sure makes it easier to take Dryden loads that are over that magical 90 number. On the other hand, my fuel gets sucked down a lot faster too!