Letting a little light into the Med Centre

While I understand why we can’t do anything when in the med centre, I don’t understand why we can’t find out anything about what is happening in the game, it is worse than being in the detention centre not only because it is 4 times longer but also because there you expect to be punished. You can’t even find out what happened to you unless you contact a guild mate in chat, they can find out straight away even if they are on another planet.

I suggest the information screen for the Med Centre tells you how you got there, displays a bigger countdown (like the travel one).

Also it would be nice to be able to view things like the Hall of Fame whilst there, perhaps only in the last half of our recovery time in there.


it is a bit strange someone on another planet can tell you who put you in the med center, but you can’t se the reason you are in there yourself. if extended abilities aren’t a possibility when in med, being able to see why you are in there would be really nice.