Loot item weekly discount

In order to free some space in my ship store, I will be publishing here one random loot item every week.

First item will be given away for free!

Week 03/12 - 09/12:
Adapted - Gatling E-11
Energy Usage: 448
Minimum Damage: 8
Maximum Damage: 14
Range: 1
Cooldown: 5s

Skill Requirements:
Civilian Defence Weapon Systems Level 1


  • anyone interested can apply in the discord chat (send me a message @testudo in chat) before the end of the week.
  • on monday, I will draw a random person from all applicants.
  • I may ask for some proof, that you (nearly) have the required skills to use the equipment.
  • I may change the rules when needed…

Keep an eye on this topic, as new items may be put up for giveaway in the coming weeks.

The Adapted - Gatling E-11 wasn’t claimed. Let’s see whether there is more enthusiasm for a reactor.

Next item is a discounted reactor for only 25.000 credits.

Week 15/12 - 23-12:
Tuned Horizon Reactor R-2
Energy Output: 1170

Skill requirements:
Advanced Engineering Systems Level 2
Medium Reactor Tech Level 3

(apply via message @testudo in the discord chat channel - other rules see first message)