Mails not sending

seems for some reason when I send mails they are not being received by the people I send them to. even with the one I send to you Mr. Prev about guild tag colors. I always check to make sure I get a success message after sending and I always get one, but it doesn’t seem to reach the recipient. I think it even happens if I send someone a message from their profile page instead of typing it in. thought it was originally because I didn’t put caps in the right spot in people’s names, but now realize it isn’t that, it just doesn’t send.

can also confirm it is not sending even if I send directly from someone’s profile. meaning I don’t type their name in, I go to their profile and choose to send message. sent one to aRJay last night/morning and it never went through to him even though I am getting a message saying my message was sent.

however just sent mails bak and forth testing and they all went through :slight_smile: :frowning:

Something very strange going on for sure. I am looking into it…

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