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I’m not native EN speaker, but some phrases on Terran Time line « Project Terran looks suspicious to me :frowning: I marked some commas missing. I’d put them, but rules in my language are sligltly different then in EN :frowning: so double check, please :smile:

“2033 Rhymer Corporation Lands (…)” ---- Upcase lands.
“2048 Rhymer Corporation (…) Bio Domes and recycling latest technology make then virtually self supporting.” ---- them?
" Power struggles and small wars becoming more and more common on earth as resources, food, water and space become a premium. New Planetary (…)" ---- Upcases Earth and planetary
“2062 (…) GHM given remit to enforce food, water and energy production and disseminate planet wide.” ---- disseminate them planet wide?
“2064 Anti corporation (…)” ----- “-” missing? Anti-corporation?
“2075 Cyber Gen (…) the moon (…)” ---- upcase the Moon
“2090 Power struggle takes place on earth (…). New Planetary laws (…)” ---- upcase Earth and planetary, but this is almost same sentence as 2060!!!
“2099 Dryden Industries launch large scale mining project in the Kuiper Belts (…)” — Belt
“2110” ----There is paragraph without date after 2110, should be joined?
undated paragraph — Parts of RG-9 fall (…). Virus known as T-Gen IV (coma?) which was devolved in orbit (…). Both Australia and Africa are annexed. (…). ---- probably lack of “,”; evolved; affected

" Lack of Date First Space battle fought on January the 8th 2126. Mars orbital defences overrun and New Earth Defence forces make landing at New Mars Space port. Space Marines take back control of Mars central in little under three days. Loss of life is extensive. Rhymer Corporation ask for permanent NED marine force to be deployed on Mars." ---- Date = 2126; spaceport or Spaceport (no space); upcase Mars Central (I assume it is city)

2125 Mars Independence has large support from populations worker force and becomes acknowledged as political party on Mars.” ---- Logic: Event should be moved to date 2124 - before Mars declare independence.


Below “2235-2255 – Melar Sponsor Humans in to Planetary Federation.” ---- there are four paragraphs without dates, Dates should be added, or incorporated into above paragraph, maybe as sub-paragraphs (indent? one more [TAB] from left, not sure EN word for that)

“2255 ‘The Great Expansions’ begins. Humans flourish and (comma?) with the help of the Melar sponsorship (comma?) begin to expand beyond our own system”. — commas?; without our - Story isn’t written with “Humans=We” manner.

“2465 Humans annex themselves from the Planetary Federation forming the Colonial Union.” ---- Annex is wrong word, I think it means join, unite only. Maybe break? Divide?

Last paragraph “Present Day” — lacks one indent? (I mean [TAB] ). It would be nice to place date before paragraph, maybe 2516 - it would looks nice with communicates in game (04/12/15 18:44 »Captain Baron von Richtofen (…)" - so it’d look like proper date (in a month :smile: ).

First paragraph: " (…) By 2020 the Earths most valuable resource became living space (…)" — Should it be moved forward to 2060-90?

Last paragraph" “They prefer its Humid temperatures” — Can temperature be humid? should it be climate? If yes, Upcase is needed (humid).

Please don’t close thread, I have few more spelling things on webpage noted, but have to have a break. to be continued
Many times: “Preferred Temperate Zone” ---- temperature? Maybe climate instead of “Temp Zone”?

Last paragraph: “They can remotely control these robotic life forms from great galactic distances whilst their bodies remain safe in an advance life support module back on their home planet of XXXX” ---- Race Overview (The Races « Project Terran) says that Homeworld is Lector/Xantana

First paragraph: “The Vortan are a brutal and aggressive Race.” ---------- Upcase race
Last paragraph : “(…) their home planet is Gavrok” ---- Upcase Their (first word in sentence).

to be continued

There are a few correctly pointed out spelling errors in the timeline, and the pages that you have mentioned, but many of the grammatical notations are arguable (imho).

OK Piko…

I’ve been through this long old list :slight_smile: I’ve fixed what was obvious spelling and grammar and taken a few of your suggestions. Some may simply be a difference in language nuances.

If adding more for the Portal can i ask that you give me the title of the post rather than the page id. Makes it a lot easier to find :wink:

Many thanks