Max refining skill does NOT give max return

I was crushing numbers and doing some checking when I found this:

I maxed Feltonite Refining a while back, however when I want to check the refined ores productions from Feltonite, I found THIS:

Batch: 500
Return (Max / Yours)
Rawk: 340 / 306
Pryavlon: 80 / 72
Abaron: 60 / 54
Blissar: 20 / 18
To the left you will see the estimated return when you refine Feltonite
These figures are based upon your refining skills. You can raise the refining skill specific to this resource to improve your yield.
You have level 8 in Feltonite Refining

You are quite right… with the current skills it is not possible, but on the main screen of the Refinery as you enter, you will see this:

The output of the refinery process is heavily dependant on your skill. The higher your skill the better output you will get from the refinery. It is near impossible to get 100% output as the intense heat used during the process generates waste.

Ok, just done some checking with other skills at level 4 and 5, it seems that you started this production degradation at level 5. while level 4 is still giving exact fractions ‘yours’ = ‘max’ * (skill level) / 8
I am pretty sure that I had seen those level 5 skills in the past at exact fraction (last time I needed to look, a few months ago), so it would be something you modified along the way. for which I never saw a notification.

So you answered ‘with the current skills’; which ones will be needed to correct this, and would it not have been better to introduce them at the same time as the degradation was introduced ?

Afaik the formula is 0.1 + skillLevel*0.1
Meaning you start at 20% on level 1 and end up with 90% on level 8.
Refining is never 100% efficient.

This one irritated me too at some point, but it’s pure coincidence (at lvl 4) with above formula :wink:

Nope, refining skills have not been changed since they were added…

There is no skill currently to get 100% return, and there likely never will be. Additional options will certainly be added to increase the yield further, but never to 100%, hence the description on the refineries :wink:

We didn’t add them on day one as we wanted to watch the stats for a while…

Yes, I can confirm what DeepOne said.

Level 6 results in a yield of 70% of Max
Level 5 results in a yield of 60% of Max
Level 3 results in a yield of 40% of Max