Maximum refining batches

So, I recently found when I tried to refine some thracium, that I couldn’t get the max output. The problem here is that I have thracium refining maxed. Why in the hell would somebody max Thracium of all things? Well, it’s a long story but suffice it to say between a dalliance with a daughter of the local garrison commander in the Foreen alliance, a bad batch of whipped cream, 4 puppies, and an extra spicy pepper medley, it makes more sense and I’ll leave it at that!

Is there something else I need to train to get a max refining output other than the ore in question? I was just a bit offput after the 193 days of training(quick estimate off the top of my head) it took to max thracium that I still was not at max!

Bullwyf(or in this case, Pokey)

This question was already answered couple of times, e.g. here:

Meaning, you’re at max output already.

Well, great. i guess i should spend less time running from garrison commanders and more time checking the forums. In my defense tho, klaxons going crazy

crap, gotta run. this garrison commander is relentless!