Mining Interface Tweak

I have made a small change to the mining interface today, which I hope you will all like (but hey, there is no pleasing everybody!)

As each of your lasers completed their cycle, you got a popup message telling you how much you picked up… this has now been removed. All status messages from the mining lasers are now moved up to the top of the screen in a new container, like this:

Any issues, please let me know.

(I have had a report that the new box interferes with the burger menu, I will have a look at that in the morning.)

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I believe I may have found a bug concerning this change.

before this change while my mining lasers were cycling I could open up my cargo hold or skill screen and when I return to the mining screen it would finish the cycle and give me the resources.

Now when I do this it seems the cycle is halted, no resources are mined, but fuel is still consumed.

Not a bug, it was added with the interface tweak.

While you are mining, you are mining. If you leave the mining interface it will cancel any active lasers. The main reason this was added is that you could have left the mining screen, gone off to a new location, picked up some items that filled your cargo hold, then when you go back to the mining screen your lasers would pop (sometimes hours, or even days later) and they would attempt to deliver…

If you want to check your mail or go to your skills etc, wait until your lasers have cycled…