Mining Systems Update

Today we have been through all the mining equipment and slightly shuffled the skill requirements for some of them, and also modified the stats for ALL the lasers !

This was necessary as firstly many of the mining laser stats were out of whack. Some of the high level lasers were pulling less ore than the low level ones, and in some cases took less time to train.

This has now been normalised, for the lasers and the scanners.

We had to add some new skills, and slightly re-order skills for some of the equipment. If you have any mining equipment equipped, we would advise that you keep it equipped and check the skill requirements before you un-equip it, as with these changes you may not be able to put it back on your ship.

Over the next few days we will go through all the skills, and adjust the prices of them so that they all fall in with our progression plans.

We apologise for any inconvenience this change may have caused you, but hope that you understand that we did it for the long term good of the game.

This change will also tie in nicely with the BIG game update planned for the next few days.

Any questions or issues, please let us know !