Mission Log Info

I really need a little more info on the Mission Log.
It’s been a couple of days since I finished a mission and I don’t remember who or where the NPC is.
I’ll eventually find him by trial and error, but one would expect that sort of info in the MIssion Log.

and ps; why does it insist the topic title has to be 15 ch? This leaves out many derivatives of “Rexx Shred is …”

Hi von_W0lfenbitten

you will find many of the missions in PT are listed here. Hope it helps a little

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In the mission log there is a little silhuette at the beginning of mission title. If you hover your mouse pointer over it you can see something like: " This mission is from X at Y". You get name of the planet/starbase, you have to find/remember system.

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As correctly pointed out by @Diarri the small icon to the left of the mission title has a tooltip with the NPC name and the planet/station they are on.

15 Characters is not a lot, and the topic title is the only visible part of a topic until you enter it. It should be descriptive, as it has a bearing on how many people will want to read that topic. :wink:

Perfect, thanks. Perfect, thanks.

No, I didn’t stutter, its another rule about numbers of characters.