Mission 'You have my Fuel Purifiers?' - Bug or discrepancy

While doing the missions ‘20th Century movies’, the NPC in Teller Landing shows as requirement that the 20th Century missions are completed, to take his missions.
Once the 20th Century movie missions are all completed, he still does not allow to take his; the message become something like ‘some missions need to be completed’ (seen earlier on my alt when I came back to start those).

Either it is a bug and they should be unlocked, or the requirement description is incorrect in both situations (if there are other missions required).

Where does it show this requirement ? His bio says:

Mr Rojo or Ro’j as his friends call him is a self employed mining consultant.

He has been known to work with pretty much all the mining factions but has a strong affinity with the Mars Independence faction.

His family grew up on Mars One, and Ro’j will regale you with tales of his families heroic actions during the Mars Independence rebellion.

You will need some Colonial Union Faction before Ro’j will offer you any missions. Plus you will need to have helped at least one of Rojo’s friends.

Working for Rojo will gain you Mars Independence faction.

Perhaps you misread something somewhere? If there is text that clearly states you need to complete those missions before speaking to this NPC, can you please tell us where you saw it ?

When you mouse over the ? at the end of the line for that mission.
I was looking at it while typing this report.

This is what I see:

This hover message has never given specific information, it would say you do not have enough faction, you do not have the skill, or as above, you need to complete other missions.

Once you have completed the other string of missions, yes, that is what I said.
But while I was DOING the ‘20th Century missions’ (one of the last ones sent me to him), the same place stated that finishing them was the requirement.
Hence my report.

Ok, something strange going on, I will investigate this in the morning (gone 1am here)

None of his missions require that you complete the 20th Century chain, so will dig a little deeper.

2 AM here, had insomnia which is why I am there now :wink:
You might need a new character, or double check from someone else who can do the 20th Century missions.
Both my characters have now finished them so I cannot get you a screenshot.

You were right, I misunderstood.

Following investigation, I have now resolved the issue. I can however confirm that the 20th Century missions are NOT the requirement for that chain.